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Artfield Investments
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About Us

ARTFIELD INVESTMENTS - Artfield Investments has been facilitating private companies going public through filings since 1995. Artfield has also been assisting public companies with mergers and acquisitions since 1998. 

Artfield has compiled a group of professionals to handle all aspects of GOING PUBLIC--SEC attorneys and paralegals, Investment Bankers, Broker Dealers, Investors, Market Makers, PR firms, Accountants, and Bridge Financiers. Artfield is continually expanding its association of professionals and stands in a Co-ordinating position for its clients. When a deal is structured for a client it is structured to fit smoothly with all aspects of going public from Legal through Investment Banking to Market Making and PR. Since Artfield's team of professionals are associates rather than in-house employees, Artfield can structure and maintain the highest degree of integrity for the Client by picking and choosing the best associates for the individual client's particular needs.

Artfield also maintains a team of in-house SEC paralegals which results in lower-cost document preparation and hence a lower cost of "going public" for its clients. Artfield's team of SEC attorneys and SEC paralegals means our clients get the highest quality, most thorough legal work at the lowest cost possible.

Because of Artfield's extensive experience in the "going public process", and its large base of contacts from its client base as well as industry professionals, Artfield is able to provide its clients with a unique service in all areas of "going public."




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Assistance for private companies wishing to go public.

Artfield Investments
PO Box 251360
Glendale , CA 91225
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