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On September 23, 2013 you will be able to start raising money by advertising per the new rule 506 (c): [Effective as of September 23, 2013, Issuers of shares may use general solicitations to effect a private placement. The amount that can be raised is unlimited. There is no requirement for review of the offering by any State Securities Commission (blue sky laws) and there is no review of the offering by the SEC. Solicitations can be online or offline and made to any potential investor. The completed sales, however, must only be to “accredited investors” and the Issuer has the burden to verify that the investor is “accredited.”]

We can help you with your PPM - Private Placement memorandum

  • We have attorneys to write your PPMs for you
  • We have professional templates and back-up services such as Reg D Edgar filings
  • and Attorneys who will review your work  for the "Do-it-yourselfers"

We can help you with getting your ads to Accredited Investor  

  • We have phone and email contact lists - with over 2m accredited investor names as well as fresh names that have gone through pre-qualification by phone within the last 30 days.
  • We have CAN AM compliant mass eMail distribution machinery for email campaigns
  • We have "Do Not Call" compliant  Phone Calling Machinery for phone campaigns
  • We have "Print and Mail" services for those of you who want to Do a mailer via traditional US Mail.
  • We have a new web site: AccreditedInvestors.US (where for a limited time you can get a free ad for your company, support service, or your self as an accredited investor or Qualified Institutional Buyer) and where you can post free - Pay-Per-Click ads (You only pay when an accredited Investor Clicks on your AD, and regular classified ads for only $99.99 a month). We guarantee our website will have at least 10,000 visitors a month or your AD is FREE!

Rule 506 (c) is available for use by both Domestic and Foreign Issuers, so now for the first time Foreign private and public issuers can enter the US fund raising markets with advertising as well as domestic companies.

Rule 506 (c) will also help with Crowd Source Funding as it can be used by private companies to raise capital directly without brokers, middlemen, or investment bankers. If a Company has a strong affinity group or user base, it could simply email its registered users or customers and ask if they would be interested in learning about investing directly in the Company

To see info on the New Rule 506(c) go to www.AccreditedInvestors.US. And sign up for a FREE AD! As a client or associate of ours you will have access to place a free 90 day ad prior the launch of the website on September 23, 2013. Be there for the launch.

Assistance for private companies wishing to go public.

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